Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My First EVER Product Review

There I was, in the men's toiletries area of my local grocery store, and I grabbed some generic shaving gel (as I had recently decided to resign from the ZZ Top Fan Club). Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the new Barbasol Ultra Shaving Cream (With Extra Conditioning Action)!

"Whoa!" I thought to myself. "This is $.38 cheaper than what I was going to buy!"

For those readers in Manhattan with money enough to not concern themselves with $.38, well, you save that 10 times, you got yourself a somewhat overpriced 22 20 oz. beer at a neighborhood pub. Put in that perspective, I'm sure you can understand how such bargains are definitely on the radar.

So I went with it. "How different could a cream be than a gel? And should I use 'from' rather than 'than' when I write My First EVER Product Review?" I pondered.

Without further ado, My First EVER Product Review, of Barbasol Ultra Shaving Cream (With Extra Conditioning Action):


1) It kinda sucks. Cream just really isn't as good as gel. My face was fairly dry by the time I got to my neck.

2) Can graphics weren't as cool - and this is against a f*$king generic.

3) Music playing as I shaved was sort of ho-hum, whereas, when shaving with gel, things seem to RAWK! Granted, this could be unrelated to the cream itself.


1) WAY awesome shaving cream snowman making ability. Gel doesn't even come close.

Conclusion: While I truly would enjoy that overpriced 22 20 oz. beer a tad more after accumulating the savings of 10 cans, I think I'll stick with the gel. Unless Barbasol buys the rights to use Jane Fonda's image as "Barbarella" on its cans. Then I'm in.

[Full Disclosure: I am not employed by any company related to the shaving industry; nor do I shave nearly often enough, according to numerous stupid* girls that I've known.]

* "Stupid", in this context, refers to said girls' behavior in coming close enough to me to know that I don't shave nearly often enough, and not said girls' intelligence in general.

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Pick-a-lilly said...

You crack me up! Especially the footnote. Hilarious.