Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year In Review

The googletoobz are bursting with "Best Of" lists, and I'm certainly not one to break from the herd. And so ...

The Dead Acorn's List of Stuff For 2009

Drinking Fountains

2) Expo Idaho (Western Idaho State Fair), South end. A strong stream, tooth-numbingly cold.

1) Albertsons (17th and State). Simply one of the best drinking fountains I’ve ever encountered. Its output trajectory is substantial, but not overpowering. The primary:secondary stream ratio is unmatched in the valley. One may have issues with Albertsons as a grocery store, but when it comes to drinking fountains, their flagship location is second to none.


2) Beer (in the shower; multiple occasions). Hot water on the outside, cold beer on the inside. Good stuff.

1) Mimosas (front lawn, late summer). Champagne and holding hands for breakfast. Sublime.

Relationship Fuckups

2) Tiger Woods. Wow. That guy doesn’t do anything half-assed.

1) Me. Colossal. Tiger could have avoided all of the media attention by saying “you think I fucked up? You should talk to The Dead Acorn.”


2) 5-year, purchased through Capital One Banking. Averaged over 3% interest in 2009; a solid investment and a relatively safe haven in these tumultuous economic times.

1) Townes (Steve Earle). Dang good ... some of his best work.


the prom queen said...

Nice list. Now I will be forced to go into that devil Albertsons just to try out the drinking fountain (and get Boars Head brand horseradish cheddar. don't tell)

I definitely agree with your top 2 drinks. YUM YUM. I thank you for introducing me to both of those simple pleasures. I have fond memories of our morning toasts to the poor people.

I also thank you for allowing me into your house to feed your devil dog and steal your CDs. I love that CD too. Good stuff.

Jonny Hamachi said...

I, too, have beer in shower on my list.

Pick-a-lilly said...

Dear Indy,

You are a wonderful, sweet, loyal nugget of love. I, of all people, know you are misunderstood. You are unconditional love in a dog's body and a boon to even the most piteous of the single people.

I've got your back, Indy.

With love,

Your true Devil Master (or Mistress, who can tell?)

MR63 said...

Great stuff. Esp the waterfountains.

On your to do's for 2010 (that's Twenty-ten...):

Get an agent.