Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Expanding The Lexicon

[UPDATE:] I have one more blog* to add to my blogroll (see below for initial additions) ... I was going to save it for its own special post, as it's deserving of such treatment, but go check out Tall Tales: The Perspective Of A Dragon. These are writers teaching the writers of tomorrow.

Just some odds 'n' ends today:

So I was riding to work this morning, testing out the new lights on my bike (when I tell myself the future will be brighter, goddamn it, I go out and do something to make it happen!), and as I’m riding under the bridges around Main St., I hear some rustling off to the right. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a huge bull moose standing just on the other side of the handrail! I feel okay saying that, as I’m already damned, but in all honesty, it was just a small deer. Still, it was kinda cool … at first, it looked like she was going to bolt, but then she caught a glimpse of my new lights, and froze like a … like a … wow, I am REALLY bad at analogies.

I believe I’ve coined a new term:

Trifailia (n): The simultaneous breakage of body, mind, and heart.
“I’ve been betting pretty hard lately, and I finally hit the trifailia.”

You throw in a car breaking down and a dog dying, and you’ve hit the Quinoucha.

I’m finally updating my blogroll, over on the right side of the page (no, I don’t feel silly at all referring to my “blogroll” at my advanced age, thankyewverymuch). New additions are:

  • The Bloggess – this woman is nuts. I would be scared to have a beer with her (in Teh Funny).

  • Treasured Valley – a Treasure Valley, Idaho-based website that features daily collections of links about local news, politics, food and drink, and blogs, information about local goings-on, and has increasingly been featuring well-written original content. It’s indispensable to any valleyphile, and will become even more so (yeah, I know, if it's already indispensable, it can't become more so ... shut up ...) (in Local).

  • Bike Snob NYC – wry and well-written insights and observations on the world of cycling, though it’s sort of only about cycling the way The Sandlot is only about baseball (in Teh Funny).

  • Texts From Last Night – just damn funny (in Teh Funny).

  • And sadly, we say goodbye to Cautious Optimism … it’s been defunct for a while now, so I guess it’s time to take the link down. Hopefully, she’s grown less cautious, not less optimistic.

* I have more than one, but don't have the link here. Guitar Man will be here soon.


Amanda said...

I see dragons do not get to be on your blog roll. No big deal. Was it Rob Schneider that made us just miss the cut? It must be. Must.

The Dead Acorn said...

Amanda - in reference to the question on your blog (Does David Foster Wallace talk about dragons?):


amber said...

Celebrity status! Yessss!