Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's Post Is Brought To You By The Letter "L"

I love the regional differences in lingual pronunciation - the sweet southern drawl, the New England assault on the world of vowels, the hominess of the north-midwestern "you betcha." Viva la difference, as our freedom French friends say.

Among the more subtle variations is the "l" in such words as talk and walk. I think most people don't say it at all, and pronounce the words as "tock" and "wok." Every once in a while, you'll hear someone voice just the slightest hint of it. But you'll never hear that "l" pronounced so clearly as when you're at the hardware store and some guy says to the employee "Yeah, I'm looking for some caulk."

Ah, caulk. Perhaps the funniest word in the juvenile/immature section of our lexicon. How can you not giggle at such classics as

"Damn. My caulk's not straight."
"Wow, it's gonna take a lot of caulk to fill that huge crack!"
"Eww, the caulk oozed all over my hands."

Sometimes, when you're just a little down and you need a good chuckle, the 5th grade stuff does the job quite nicely.

And for our topical musical link:

The Motels - Take The L


Anonymous said...

"Hey! Ya got caulk all over me!" or
"You can taulk the taulk but can you waulk the caulk?"

What's worse than ants in yer pants?



Pick-a-lilly said...

And you made fun of ME for liking superhero movies?