Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Guess The Ibuprofen Kicked In Or Something

No golden slumbers last night, as I was on a very uncomfortable couch and not at my house, so this morning I was hurting from lack of sleep and my back was killing me.

Oddly, right around noon, everything started feeling better.

A few thoughts about the inauguration:

* Obama mispronounced "nucular".

* A human being probably would have been a bit uncomfortable sitting listening to a speech in which they're essentially getting raked over the coals for their colossal ineptness and general fucktardosity. Bush didn't seem bothered at all.

* When I'm president, the Chief Justice will only be allowed to say four words at a time during the oath before pausing to let me repeat them. Plus, he'll have a copy in front of him so he doesn't screw it up.

* I can appreciate that Yo Yo Ma and friends are quite talented, but come on, are you trying to put people to sleep? Steve Earle would have rocked the joint.

[UPDATE:] This, from The Bloggess, is definitely the best live-blogging of the inauguration on the interwebs.

[UPDATEx2:] Ok, 2 hours and 20 minutes into this thing ... Gitmo is still open, we're still at war in one country and occupying another, and my portfolio hasn't recovered. EPIC FAIL.

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