Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Got Nothin' ...

I haven't been struck by anything lately. Ok, that's not quite true - I should say no thoughts for a blog post have struck me lately (and sweet jeebus, lady, I didn't mean that at ALL how you took it, and anyway, an accusatory "excuse me?" would have sufficed and given me a chance to apologize. But nice right cross!). So another of those lame-o odds 'n' ends posts, because I feel guilty about being unproductive on government time.

Pitchers and catchers (and injured players) report in 19 days, and the all-important Cleveland-San Francisco spring opener is in 30 days. In a sad Cleveland/Giants related note, Omar Vizquel is now a member of the Texas Rangers (the baseball team, not the law enforcement agency) and is slated to be their utility infielder. Their alleged starting shortstop, however, is only 20 and has never played above AA (that's double-A baseball; he's not an alcoholic. Nobody would blame him if he started drinking, though, now that his team just acquired the greatest shortstop of all time, who happens to have plenty of glove AND bat left in him).

One of the more disconcerting thoughts one can have, as one is drunkenly smashing a ceiling out using a 3-foot crowbar with reckless abandon and peering up after the plaster has fallen down all around, is "hmmm ... who'da thunk they'd run the electrical THERE?"

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