Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Say, Could You Hand Me That Loofah?

Here in the ritzy North End*, it's all the rage to remodel, add on to, or upgrade your home. Seriously ... you can't bury a dead hooker without seeing some kind of construction going on! As I've long been a trend follower, I'm on this bandwagon like Boston Baked Beans on a belly button. I am SO keeping up with the Stuttlehaures. (I was going to use the more traditional "keeping up with the Jones--", but I'm not sure whether to use "Jones'" or "Joneses". I'm pretty sure the former would be used as a possessive, but better to err on the side of not exposing ones one's self as some sort of grammatical buffoon.)

While most of my efforts have been toward the interior of the house, what with the drywalling and the hole-cutting and all, I've made a sweet addition to the exterior ... a bitchin' ass hot tub:

Granted, it's more of a bathtub than a traditional hot tub, but it does have jacuzzi jets and room for 4 (2 people, 2 silos of Busch Light), so I'm pretty happy with it. Plus, with the luxurious patio chairs that I acquired from a crime scene (note the remnant of the "POLICE LINE - DO NOT CROSS" tape) and my imported wicker table, any time spent out of the tub will assuredly be nearly as enjoyable as time spent in, as you swap tales with old friends and reminisce about the good times past and those to come.

*Technically, I'm not in the North End by about a block, but I'm sure that folks to the East will see their property values affected as well! Heidi-ho good neighbor!

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Megan said...

Joneses would be the correct pluralization. Also, thanks for raising my property value! (Errr...increasing my rent.)