Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Nemesis Arch (Part I)

Well, after my one-time meth binge, I took stock of things. Not global, big picture, life kind of things (I know I'm pretty much screwed there), but just of the structural integrity of the wall I had apparently ripped out. While it was somewhat reassuring that I didn't actually cut through studs in my addled state, it was less so that I did when I was a bit more lucid:

Since that picture, I've pressed on, and decided to cut through the other side of the wall. To be honest, I'm not sure what I was thinking ... you can now see into my kitchen from outside the house, which, while it adds light and opens up the space, puts something of a damper on my cooking environment preferences. I'm a nudist, not an exhibitionist, for crying out loud. And if you've ever sautéed naked, you know that I use the phrase "for crying out loud" quite literally.

I've got pics of the various stages and the (soon to be) finished wall, which I will post eventually, but I should establish now that I am honoring the beliefs of the artisans of the Middle East, which posit that to achieve perfection is an affront to God. That's right, Miss "Oh look at my $7000 Persian rug", there's a missed stitch in there somewhere ... and it's on purpose. So imperfections are an honor to the G-man. Let's just say that, for an atheist/agnostic*, in this particular project, I have honored him/her a lot.

I mean A LOT.

* I could go either way**, depending on with whom*** I'm arguing. In general, I think atheism is a belief system just as deism is, and I just don't have the strength to stick with it. I'm one lazy sunovabitch, so agnostic fits me pretty well.

** Talking about religion here.

*** I have no fucking idea what the rules for the use of "who" vs. "whom" are.

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