Friday, November 21, 2008

The Voice Of Reason

Johnny Drunk And Gone gives a clinic on the fine art of ranting:

Another thing, these are the same girls that will watch sports because they want to make there guy happy. They have no real input on anything athletic other than maybe they fucked a softball team in an abandoned hospital. But they root along like they have a clue, "Off sides!" They'll yell out, to bad we're watching baseball sweetheart.



Pick-a-lilly said...

HA! I was teasing my friend Jason awhile back about the Steelers beating his Cleveland Browns. His wife, my friend Sara, is not interested in sports nor does she pretend to be. But she did ask a question about this particular game and how it was won. Jason smiled sweetly at her and said 'Sara, the Steelers won because they got more home runs than the other team.' I laughed so hard I cried!

Johnny Drunk and Gone said...

Oh yeah I forgot to mention something about the pseudo girl sports fan: They can also be these blonde dumb trophy wives type that will spend all their husbands money to look like Derek Jetter in the stands, or Tom Brady. When you ask them if that's their favorite team or they really like those guys your going to get one of the following answers: 1. I really don't like sports, but I man likes it when I come to the games.(yeah, to showoff your fake tits which he paid for and show the fact his fat ass got a gold digging hot wife, other wise he would be at the game with his friends, of course a guy like this doesn't have any other than his booky)2. I don't like sports, but "insert sports figure here" is really hot! I love the chance to see him. (So you can fantasize about him while your fucking your probably/maybe decent husband. I'm sure you give the poor bastard shit about not being in shape like him to." Guess what honey where as much apparel as you want, unless your wearing Jose Canseco gear you're not getting a second glimpse. Be happy with what you got and go do something else fun for yourself so that ticket can go to someone who gives a fuck.