Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Good Day

So today, a woman whose father was a slave voted for an African American for president. Also today, lots of 18-year-olds voted for that same guy, who will be only the 4th president of their lives. The Live Acorn made phone calls for the 3rd campaign of her life, and she's now trying to stay awake at 12:30 to see how the House race winds up. I'm sorta proud of her.

We were down at the Obama party at 9:00, and they called California and its 55 electoral votes immediately, which put him over 270. It got a little dusty in there.

Pretty god-damned good day.

Although ...

Looks like Prop Hate is going to pass in CA. Way to go, homophobes. I hope the decent mormons feel good about their tithings funding hatred, fear, and intolerance.

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