Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Importance Of Historical Documentation

So I was doing a little cleaning this afternoon - going through stacks of papers that should have just been thrown away in the first place (hey look! It's my receipt for the furnace filters that I bought in 2006! Thank god I kept that!) - and I found some chicken scratch that I jotted down when I went camping last summer:

"Lots of big-ass campers and fat people. Two tasks: 1) Don't get beat up, and 2) Address self - am I weightist?"

"Am regretting my decision of buying only one bottle of tonic water."

"Why would a bee want to drink my gin? It's fucking Gilbey's, for god's sake!"

There was some other stuff about Duke the wandering camp dog and my pride over having started a fire, but it was mostly illegible.


prom queen said...

Anything about "I wish she were." Oh wait! It's "I wish she was..." Damn, which is it??

The Dead Acorn said...

I'll just say that there were other things that I wrote.

I used "was".