Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Music Hath Charms ...

Well, I “played” some “music” at the pub Saturday night. And yes, those quotation marks are entirely appropriate. A friend and I alternated sets, each doing a couple, and I reminded myself once again why I rarely do shots. I guess lots of “musicians” have quirky habits; mine apparently include abrupt stops and restarts and plenty of forgetfulness lyric-wise.

An actual conversation with a friend after the first set, which ended with some song that has the subject drinking himself to death after his girlfriend killed herself and he didn’t notice any warning signs:
Friend Of Dead Acorn: Soooo ... did you write that last song?

Dead Acorn: Yeah.

(pause …)

Frend Of Dead Acorn: The fuck? You, uh, what … some kind of a tortured soul? Got some demons, do ya? Hmm?

Dead Acorn: It’s all puppies and lollipops with me … puppies and goddamned lollipops.
I’m pretty sure I write some cheery songs, too, but jeezo-peezo, that Love Gone Wrong stuff is some low-hanging fruit.

Anyway, all in all, it went okay. The other guy playing was outstanding as always, and another friend has asked that we learn “Happy Boy” by The Beat Farmers, so that he can do a guest appearance and play the kazoo and gargling parts. This world needs more songs with gargling, if you ask me.

With weekend nights like that, it's seems obvious that I must have done something pretty dang good in a previous life to have wound up where I am today.
The full title quote from William Congreve (circa 1700):

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast,
To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.

I don't know how he knew that someone called The Dead Acorn would be using that quote in a blog post 300+ years hence, but that part about a "knotted oak" seems like kind of a shot. Asshole.


Niamh B said...

You'd have thought William Congreve would have better things to do. Pah.

The Dead Acorn said...

I only have my lineage traced back to 1964, but perhaps one of my ancestors was something of a jackass ... I wouldn't be surprised. Well played, William.

Kathleen said...

I'm at a loss for words! Where to begin?

I guess I'll start with..they have actual LIQUOR at the pub now? Not just beer and wine?

The Dead Acorn said...

It's not like my songs are autobiographical or anything.

And no, not at the pub, but across the street.

Kathleen said...

Of course not. Somebody said they were?

Kathleen said...

By the way, I like your phrase 'puppies and lollipops'. Never heard that one before. I've heard 'sunshine and butterflies', but not 'puppies and lollipops'.


The Guitarman said...

More cowbell, much more cowbell.