Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little Trip To Heaven

Well, I've had another successful jaunt across the state to Pocatello. By “successful,” of course, when referring to jaunts to Pocatello, I mean “non-lethal.” There was very little law enforcement involved, which is somewhat surprising, but welcome nevertheless. The person with whom I went had never done spent time there, and the fact that it was Idaho State’s Homecoming was a bit frightening. I feel somewhat bad, because taking someone to Pocatello is like introducing them to meth … it might be fun while it’s happening, but ultimately, no good can come of it. But I did get to visit with a few people I hadn’t seen in a long time, and got to partake of the Office Bar's delightful breakfast fare, so no regrets. Quote of the trip: “The first puke in the morning wasn’t too bad … it was just water and Twizzlers. The second one was worse … that Bloody Mary was pretty spicy.”

I did discover on the way back that I had left the oil cap off when I checked it before leaving Boise. I’m pretty sure ole Jane F’Honda ran dry for a bit. It started up this morning, though, and I’ve got a new PN 710 on there, so maybe it’s just already as damaged as it’s ever going to get.

In other news, the regular season wrapped up yesterday, with Cleveland finishing tied with Kansas City:

Above: Middle of the pack is for CHUMPS.

I haven’t read of when the tie-breaker is scheduled yet. This is a little odd, because there’s no scheduling conflict with a football game, as there is in Minnesota, where the other tie-breaker is being played. Odd indeed.

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