Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Is This, Some Kind Of Emo Blog?

I have a bad habit of looking at a beautiful sky every once in a while and … I don’t know … noticing a cloud that doesn’t exist. It never lasts too long, and I kind of kick myself for forgetting that I’m about the luckiest man on the planet.

So as I sit here and type this in my red and yellow Sugar Daddy jammies, waiting for my pizza to cool and listening to Tom Waits sing “Young At Heart,” my wish is that everyone could be as lucky as me, and that everyone takes a minute to acknowledge the beautiful things in their lives.

Above: Good side of the sexiest guy whose name is on the water bill for this particular address. Now THOSE are some damn jammies. Shakira who now?

I don't know if there's writer's block for people who aren't writers. Maybe I'll try to find out some day.


Prom Queen said...

I just can't stop laughing! I keep clicking back over here just to read, "shakira who now?" so I can start laughing uncontrollably again!

The Dead Acorn said...

Sugar Daddy got back!

P77 said...

Clearly photoshopped.

prom queen said...

Oh no. That's real. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

look at this emo hair at this blog