Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Appropriate

A dismal, drizzly, dreary, depressing day.

Yeah, that seems about right.


P77 said...

Umm, did I accidentally stumble upon Da-Da house?

Pick-a-lilly said...

Oh stop your wallowing! The Irish deal with this kind of weather all the time and they are happy as can be!

Of course, their cheery dispositions might have something to do with all the ale and whisky, but it's hard to say..

The Dead Acorn said...

Johnny Drunk And Gone's gloom is systemic, whereas The Dead Acorn's is more event-driven.

The proper response to JDAG's gloom is to 1) appreciate the fact that he deals with it well, and 2) acknowledge that it really is the differences among us that make the world interesting and that JDAG wouldn't be JDAG if he wore pastel polo shirts.

The proper response to the DA's gloom is to buy him a beer without asking why he's depressed.

A PBR for JDAG is in order on occasion, too.

The Dead Acorn said...

Pick-a-lilly - I do believe I'll take your advice, look to faire Eire, and have some beer.