Friday, October 10, 2008

Weather Or Not ...

The Live Acorn told me it was going to snow today, and I told her she was crazy. Because, you know, she is. But the Weather Bureau National Weather Service seems to back her up on this:

I guess the NWS is the go-to authority on such things, so I'll be waxing my boards tonight (no, that is NOT a euphamism ...), but I think Tom Waits nails it as well:

And a line of thunderstorms was developing in the early morning
ahead of a slow moving coldfront, cold blooded
with tornado watches issued shortly before noon Sunday
for the areas including the western region of my mental health
and the northern portions of my ability to deal rationally
with my disconcerted precarious emotional situation

It's cold out there

Colder than a ticket taker's smile at the Ivar Theatre, on a Saturday night

Flash flood watches covered the southern portion of my disposition, yeah
There was no severe weather well into the afternoon
except for kind of a lone gust of wind in the bedroom

A high pressure zone covering the eastern portion of a small
suburban community with a 1034 millibar high pressure zone
and a weak pressure ridge extending from my eyes down to my cheeks
cause since you left me baby and put the vice grips on my mental health
well, the extended outlook for an indefinite period of time
until you come back to me, baby, is high tonight, low tomorrow
and precipitation is expected

I'd like to see Tom Waits, Steve Earle, and Aimee Mann play at President Obama's inauguration ball.

Surely that's not too much to ask.

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sarah said...

Are you waiting for someone to comment before you blog again?