Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fear of Spheres

As longtime readers of The Dead Acorn know, I have a strong fear of spheres. You may ask “Say, Dead Acorn, don’t you mean irrational fear?” Were you to actually ask that, I would (after saying “No, I don’t mean irrational fear”) point out that spheres, being perfectly … well, spherical, appear the same from any vantage point. I don’t like that, and I certainly don’t trust it. I like to be able to learn about things by incorporating different perspectives. It adds to my appreciation of whatever I’m experiencing, and it frightens me to think that however long I stare, however many different views I may try, whatever move I may make, the sphere will always be constant, unchanging, and offering nothing new. Ever.

There is nothing irrational whatsoever in my fear of spheres. Nothing. They are truly the geometrical objects of The Devil.

Oh, and this is not a metaphor of any sort.

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N*88 said...

That is scary. Thanks for bringing to light one more thing that will keep me up at night.