Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quit Yer Bitchin' ... It'll Grow Back.

Well, as the Indians are mathematically eliminated from post-season play, I guess it’s time for my semi-annual haircut. But what cut to choose? The ‘fro? The fauxhawk? Maybe a big ole pompadour. I have an inkling that the mullet will be making a comeback, and lord knows I don’t want to be caught sleeping when THAT trend comes a-stormin' back through town. Gotta keep ahead of the game, you know. On the other hand, I haven’t had a good high’n’tight since about 3rd grade*.

This brings to mind a conversation I had during a haircut when I was in Salt Lake City:

Haircut Girl: How would like it cut today?

Me: Oh, just kind of shorter … top of the ears, short up top ..

Haircut Girl: How ‘bout a number 4 on the side?

Me: Well, that’s very generous, but I’m married.

Haircut Girl: You’re an idiot.

I think that, all in all, the most important thing about getting a new ‘do is that the place is next door to the bar. No matter what happens, I’ll come out okay.

* That's a style of haircut, you sick bastards.


N*88 said...

Speaking of number four on the side. I had to explain to J.Lee that, even though his insurance policy covered massage therapy, it didn't cover the type that you get in seedy strip malls. Certainly not the happy ending.

Sarah said...

Can you hear me chanting, "mullet, mullet, mullet"?
Not really.
Shave it all! Do it! Take a Bic to that head!
No wait...I'm pretty sure your head is shaped funky under all that hair.
Geez...I have so many mixed emotions about the hair cutting. Don't listen to me. I get my hair cut once a week.

The Dead Acorn said...

The Live Acorn gave it a thumbs up, and she is the final say on all things fashion, at least concerning me.

Clean shaven, short hair ... the ... the ... the republicans are starting to make sense ...