Thursday, September 18, 2008

Does A Beer Schmidt In The Woods?

I wonder if, by “3-season sleeping bag,” they mean that it’s appropriate for spring, summer, and fall, or that it’s good for 3 summers before it falls apart? It’s supposed to get down to about 36 °F (275 °K) Saturday night in Lowman. I will, of course, be adhering to the camping code of “1 beer per degree Farenheit per day*,” though it remains a matter of debate** as to whether the proper index is low, high or median temperature.

* Children under 12 are allowed to use the Celsius scale. People named Jason may use the Kelvin scale.
** Feel free to say to yourself "and he IS a master debater! Ha ha!" The classics never get old.

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N*88 said...

It amazed at how many of my friends are deeply disturbed individuals.