Friday, September 19, 2008

The Most Important Baseball Series EVAH!

Today, as fate would have it, is not only International Talk Like A Pirate Day, it’s also the start of the all-important final 3-game series between the Cleveland Indians and the Detroit Tigers. For those who only read the financials, N*88 and I have a bet on the season series between these two perennial AL powerhouses non-cellar-dwellers (thanks, KC!). Of course, a wager of passion such as this cannot be simply for cash, nor for mere acknowledgement of superiority, nor for fine spices or silks. No, the only truly appropriate currency in situations such as these is beer. Lots of it. Fifteen and a half gallons, to be precise. One keg. The ole half-barrel. One hundred and twenty four tasty ones.

Currently, the series stands at Tribe 8, Tigers 7. Detroit needs to sweep to win outright, while Cleveland needs to take 2 to do the same. In case of a tie, the bet goes to the team that scored the most runs; currently, Cleveland is up by 5 (93-88). If Cleveland wins 1 game, by 1 run, Detroit would need to win the other 2 games by a combined margin of 7 runs to take it. Unfortunately, Cy Young Cliff Lee isn’t scheduled to pitch any of the games. Damn.

There isn’t really a second tiebreaker set up, so I’d like to suggest that if it does end 9-9, with both teams scoring the same number of runs, all of the people who will end up helping with the keg anyway chip in and buy it instead. Seems only fair.

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N*88 said...

I agree, one hundred percent.