Friday, December 3, 2010

For Better Or For Verse

You’re probably already aware of this, astute and culturally attuned readers that you are, but for those still living in prose-bound caves, December is International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month (IPYPIASM – go here for the official announcement). The basic idea is to take a short poem (preferably of your own creation) and post it in a shop in such a location that it will be read by the clientele and passersby, whose spirits will thereby be lifted, causing them to perhaps wear a subtle smile for a time, which will be seen by strangers, who will, as that sort of thing can be somewhat infectious, themselves be uplifted a bit, and so on and so forth, and then the wars end.

So try to avoid anything Plath-esque, if you will.

Since I’m not much of a poet, I opted to share a goofy little piece by Dr. Seuss. As I was intent on going full-bore on this project, I printed off several thousand copies, bought 3 boxes of thumbtacks and 4 rolls of cellophane tape, and headed downtown.

Many of my grand plans have “stop and get a beer at the pub” as a first step, and this was no exception. Unfortunately, it was also no exception in that it was derailed there as well. So no, it wasn’t my own poem, and no, it wasn’t a shop, but yes, it’s in a location that virtually guarantees its reading:

Above: Who doesn’t like a little Dr. Seuss during business hours?

For those lacking the visual acuity to make out the words:

Above: That quacks me up.

So don’t be shy … scribble down a verse and hit the streets, people. These goddamned wars ain’t gonna end themselves, you know.


Domestic Oub said...

Yay! Go Dead Acorn! Go IPYPIASM!

The minute the snow lifts I'm off out to put a poem in a shop.

Niamh B said...

You are my hero Acorn!
That's a snazzy position for a poem about ducks, bet old Seuss would be proud

Peter Goulding said...

Mr Acorn, may you flourish into a sizable oak. Truly inspirational

The Dead Acorn said...

The first time is always special. Thanks for your kind words ... the month is young; maybe I'll try an original that's topical to a particular shop.

Titus said...

Great poem choice, location certainly unusual and finally, I love the whole security of the attachment to the wall.
Won't be moving for a while, methinks.

Emerging Writer said...

That is most moving, both in content and situation